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Forcerank boils the stock market down to a single question: will stock ABC outperform stock XYZ this week? Submit your own stock rankings to unlock the consensus rankings of hundreds of other investors.

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How It Works

Step 1
Choose a sector or asset class from a variety of contests every week
Step 2
Rank your stocks by expected price performance over the next week
Step 3
Unlock the consensus rankings of your fellow investors
Step 4
Track your rankings against your peers' and actual performance
Step 5
Win quarterly prizes for accumulating the most amount of points

A level playing field to test your trading strategies

Forcerank boils the stock market down to one simple question: will stock ABC outperform stock XYZ this week? By asking everyone to rank the same 10 stocks in each industry, Forcerank produces a completely level playing field to identify the best investors. Test your investment strategies and build your reputation for being a top investor on Forcerank.


How accurate are your rankings?

The best investors are able to identify the stocks that will outperform and underperform within the same industry, so that they can build market neutral portfolios. Each week, Forcerank will score your ability to pick the winners from the losers. At the closing bell on Friday, see just how good you are compared to your peers.


Unlock theconsensus rankings

When you enter a contest, you gain access to its consensus rankings, an aggregated measure of your peers' opinions. We believe we've designed the best way to collect a data set of stock sentiment—one that's superior to assigning stocks a buy-sell-hold rating. Use this combined insight to inform your trading strategy and investment decisions.


Test your expertise for different asset classes

Some investors are great individual stock pickers; others like to call larger macro trends. We have it all. Rank individual stocks, sector ETFs, commodities, and global indices lists each week and build your reputation as the best investor for whatever asset class you trade.


Why Forcerank is the way superior investors generate alpha

The best investors in the world strive to generate positive investment returns without exposing themselves to the wild swings of the market. These “market neutral” strategies are based on the ability to identify those stocks that will outperform and those that will underperform.

Forcerank is designed to elevate the investors who are the most skilled at identifying the underperformers from the outperformers, and is a proving ground for investors to test their picks before they use them in the market.

We believe that the average investor is naturally skilled at equity selection (which of two stocks will perform better?). If you asked someone how Amazon was going to perform next week, they’d probably shrug their shoulders and refuse to answer, and rightfully so. But if you asked them whether Amazon or Groupon would perform better, they’re likely to have a strong opinion on the matter and give you the correct answer more often than not. Where it all breaks down is when investors are forced to make three other significant decisions around position sizing, risk management, and market timing. These three other variables which are not intuitive are the reason the average investor fails at actively trading the stock market.

Forcerank eliminates those other variables and isolates the most natural way we think about the market, effectively identifying the top investors by the only thing that matters.

The research design is what's most important here, and we've developed the best way for collecting a dataset of stock sentiment, superior to assigning stocks a buy, sell, hold rating which essentially has no meaning (Buy when? How much? Etc). Using the same crowdsourcing theory that has made the Estimize Consensus more accurate than Wall Street 74% of the time, we believe this system will produce an incredible data set that will reveal which stocks investors believe will outperform the market each week.