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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Forcerank?

Forcerank is a new mobile game that lets you to test your trading strategies against other investors in a completely new way - on a level playing field. Forcerank boils the stock market down to one simple question: will stock ABC outperform stock XYZ this week? Competitors are given 10 stocks to "Forcerank" in each contest according to their expected performance (% gain) over the course of the contest (usually 1 week). Competitors unlock the consensus rankings of their contests when they enter and earn points for accurately predicting the final order in which the stocks perform by the end of the contest. Founded in 2016, Forcerank is headquartered in New York, NY.

Contests and Rules

What categories of contests do you offer?

Forcerank offers free contests that consist of 10 stocks which all share one or more specific characteristics. These may include:

  • Inclusion in a specific sector or industry
  • Market capitalization
  • Membership in a specific index
  • Beta
  • Exchange
  • Country
  • Asset class (equity, commodity, foreign exchange, fixed income, futures)
  • Specific catalysts:
    • An earnings report will take place during the competition
    • High short interest
    • Activist investors
    • Announced mergers

What type of contests do you offer?

Daily contests begin at 9:30 AM EST on the contest start date and end at 4:00 PM EST on the same day. All contests are scored based on the opening and closing prices received from the relevant stock exchange.
Weekly contests begin at 9:30 AM EST on Monday and end at 4:00 PM EST on Friday. All contests are scored based on the opening and closing prices received from the relevant stock exchange.

When and how do I unlock the consensus rankings?

When you enter a weekly contest, you unlock that contest's consensus rankings. Shortly after your contest goes live (usually on Mondays at 9:30AM), you will receive an email with the final consensus aggregated from the rankings of all of your competitors. Please email us at if you're not receiving them.

If you want to access consensus data programmatically for all of our contests via API or FTP, please contact us at

How are contests scored?

The more accurate your Forcerank, the more points you receive. Each of the 10 stocks in your Forcerank receives a score between 0 and 200. Your total score is your total across all 10 stocks. Each stock receives a score based on the following:

  • Difference In Positions - The difference between your rank of the stock and the stock's actual position determine how many points you get for that stock.
  • Actual Stock Ranking - Your points from the above is multipled by a Stock Ranking Multiplier based on the stock's actual ranking at the end of the week. (The reason is that it's harder to predict the top and bottom stocks compared to the fifth and sixth stocks.)
For example, you have entered a contest and placed GOOGL in the #1 position and FB in the #2 position. At the conclusion of the contest GOOGL has a positive 10% gain and FB has an 8% gain. All other stocks had smaller gains smaller than 8%. In this case, you perfectly predicted the outcome of both stocks, and receive 200 points for GOOGL (100 points multiplied by 2 as the multiplier) and 175 points for FB (100 points multiplied by 1.75). If you had ranked FB as #1 and GOOGL as #2, you would have been 1 position off for each, and you will have received 160 points for FB (80 points times 2) and 140 for GOOGL (80 points time 1.75).

Each stock's score is calculated based on the following table:

Difference Between Your Forcerank And
Actual Position Rank Of Stock
Points Actual Stock Ranking Stock Ranking Multiplier
0 100 1 2
1 80 2 1.75
2 60 3 1.5
3 40 4 1.25
4 20 5 1
5 16 6 1
6 12 7 1.25
7 8 8 1.5
8 4 9 1.75
9 0 10 2

While scores are shown throughout the running time of the contest, scores are not final until the closing prices of all stocks in the contest are confirmed by the relevant stock exchange.

What happens if a contest does not fill by the start time?

The contest will cancel.

Are the percent changes shown on the Live contest screen delayed or real time?

All percent changes (and thus scores) are at least 15 minutes delayed.

What happens on bank holidays?

If a bank holiday takes place on a Monday, that week’s contests will start on Tuesday morning. If a bank holiday takes place on a Friday, contests for that week will end on Thursday afternoon. All bank holidays taking place on other days and days when stock markets close early, contests will operate as normal.

What happens if a stock is delisted during a contest?

In the event that a stock is delisted during a contest, the last traded price will be used to calculate the total % change.

Scoring Revisions

No scores are final until Forcerank receives the final closing prices of all stocks in each competition from the relevant exchange. You may see changes to your score after the close of trading at 4:00 PM EST.

Account Management

What should I do if my account has been misallocated, compromised, or otherwise mishandled?

If you believe your account has been been misallocated, compromised, or mishandled please contact for assistance. Please provide all pertinent information related to your claim and a dedicated member of our Customer Service team will address your support ticket within 24 hours.

How is my information protected?

We encrypt all our private customer information, available to our staff only when pertinent.

Can I register more than one account?

Forcerank prohibits competitors from opening up more than one account, in order to ensure fair play and uphold the integrity of our contests. If for some reason you forget your password or competitor name, please contact us and an agent will be happy to assist you with retrieving that information.

Please note: if the same individual sets up multiple accounts, Forcerank will deactivate all accounts except one. Any accounts that are set up illegitimately will be deactivated.

Can I permanently close my account at any time for any reason?

Yes, should you decide to close your account at any time for any reason, please contact our Customer Service team at We’ll be able to assist you in closing your account over email.

Can I change my username?

Generally, we do not change usernames, though we treat each request individually. Let us know the specific details of your request and we will get back to you promptly.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by choosing the “I forgot my password” link on the Log In screen off the app.

How do I view my transaction history?

Your transaction history can be found within the settings page of the app.